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Another Free service to retrive PubMed PDF files

QUOSA Inc. has launched of its first free Beta product  PubPDF Beta service as part of QUOSA Labs .  This product provides PDF visibility and one-click access from any PubMed search result. PubPDF works exclusively in PubMed and retrieves, name, and downloads PDFs from PubMed. 

Exclusive features:
  • Automated batch downloads of multiple PDFs and abstracts
  • Automated file naming with configurable naming conventions 
  • An article organizer to review and group PDFs complete with their citation data 
  • Export references to EndNote and Reference Manager


PubPDF is a parallel product to QUOSA Browser Plus. PubPDF works exclusively in PubMed. Both products retrieve, name, and download PDFs from PubMed. QUOSA Browser Plus also works with other gateways and includes sharing options.

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