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A desiccant is a substance that absorbs water. It is most commonly used to remove humidity that would normally degrade or even destroy products sensitive to moisture.

List of desiccants:

* Activated alumina
* Aerogel
* Benzophenone
* Bentonite clay
* Calcium chloride
* Calcium hydride
* Calcium sulfate
* Cobalt(II) chloride
* Copper(II) sulfate
* Lithium chloride
* Lithium hydride
* Lithium bromide
* Magnesium
* Magnesium sulfate
* Magnesium perchlorate
* Molecular sieve
* NaK, a sodium-potassium alloy
* Phosphorus pentoxide
* Potassium
* Potassium carbonate
* Silica gel
* Sodium
* Sodium chlorate
* Sodium hydroxide
* Sodium sulfate
* Sodium-benzophenone
* Sulfuric Acid

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