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  S.No Medium Class Subject with description Link 1 11 English Automobile Practicals-Whole book 2 11 English Electronic Engineering Practicals-Whole book 3 11 English Mechanical Engineering Practicals-Whole book 4 11 English Zoology-Zoology Practicals 5 11 English Bio-Zoology Practicals 6 11 English Statistics-Statistics Practicals - 10.09.2018 7 11 English Home science-Practicals 8 11 English Nutrition & Dietetics-Practicals 9 11 English Micro biology-Practicals 10 11 Tamil Automobile Engineering Practicals-Whole book 11 11 Tamil Electronic Engineering Practicals -Whole book 12 11 Tamil Mechanical Engineering Practicals -Whole book 13 11 Tamil Zoology -ZoologyPracticals 14 11 Tamil Bio-Zoology -Bio-Zoology Practicals 15 11 Tamil Botany -Botany Practicals - 10.09.2018 16 11 Tamil Home science - Practicals 17 11 Tamil Nutrition and dietics - Practicals 18 11 Tamil Micro biology - Practicals

Synthetic Methods of Indole Derivatives - Get 38% Discount or Free shipping

  Synthetic Methods of Indole Derivatives Named Reactions used in the synthesis of Indole Derivatives Limited Time Offer - Get 38% Discount - Use Code :  JUSTLAUNCHED Indole is the foremost heterocyclic compound in the entire heterocyclic system. Some of the ring heterocyclics are formed when the benzene ring is fused to five or six-membered heterocyclic compounds at the second and third positions of the benzene ring. It may include indole, benzofuran, quinoline, isoquinoline. Indole plays an integral role in chemical, biological and pharmacological activities. Indole nuclei carry immense importance as it built proteins in the form of amino acid tryptophan and depicts the Skelton of indole alkaloids. Indole binds with high affinity with the multiple receptors. Due to its huge medical importance such as antimicrobial, antiproliferative, antiviral, antifungal, antioxidant, antidiabetic, antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anticancer, antitubercular, antihypertensive, antimalaria