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Orthogonality in Chemistry

 In synthetic organic chemistry, orthogonal protection is a strategy that allows the deprotection of functional groups independently of each other. This means that when multiple functional groups are present in a molecule, they can be selectively protected and deprotected without affecting the other functional groups. This is important because it allows chemists to selectively modify one part of a molecule without affecting the rest of the molecule. For example, if a molecule has two functional groups, A and B, and we want to modify only group A, we can protect group B with a specific protecting group that is orthogonal to the protecting group used for group A. This means that we can selectively deprotect group A without affecting group B. In chemistry and biochemistry, an orthogonal interaction occurs when there are two pairs of substances, and each substance can interact with its respective partner but does not interact with either substance of the other pair. This is important becau

ChatGPT Prompt

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Research Ethics, Integrity, publication ethics

  Research ethics, integrity, and publication ethics are essential principles and guidelines that govern the conduct of research and the dissemination of research findings. They ensure the credibility, validity, and transparency of the research process and help maintain the trust of the scientific community and the public. Here's an overview of each of these concepts: Research Ethics: Research ethics refers to the moral principles and standards that guide the design, conduct, and reporting of research involving human participants or animals. Key aspects of research ethics include: Informed Consent: Researchers must obtain informed consent from individuals participating in the research, ensuring that they understand the purpose, procedures, risks, and potential benefits involved and have the freedom to participate voluntarily. Privacy and Confidentiality: Researchers must protect the privacy and confidentiality of research participants, ensuring that their personal information remai

AI tools

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