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Most powerful AI prompts of Research & Innovation - Part -1

Most powerful AI prompts of Research & Innovation - Part -1 Here are some of the most powerful AI prompts for ideation, innovation landscaping and patent search, and IP commercialization: (i) Ideation: 1. "Generate novel ideas for sustainable energy solutions." 2. "Brainstorm innovative approaches to improving transportation systems." 3. "Explore creative ways to enhance communication and connectivity in remote areas." 4. "Develop new concepts for personalized healthcare technologies." 5. "Generate ideas for optimizing supply chain management using AI." 6. "Brainstorm innovative solutions for reducing plastic waste." 7. "Explore new ideas for improving cybersecurity measures." 8. "Generate novel concepts for smart home automation systems." 9. "Brainstorm innovative approaches to enhance e-commerce experiences." 10. "Develop creative ideas for utilizing AI in education and personalized lea

ChatGPT Prompt

- ChatGPT Prompt Genius   ChatGPT is a great tool, but only if you give it the right commands.   This Chrome extension allows you to:   • Search  • Import  • Shopping centre   All of the world's most useful ChatGPT prompts on your device.