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Some "OLD" books on chemistry from Digital Library of India

LE SOUFFLAGE DU VERRE., 1010010027878. HENRI VIGREUX. 1920. others. Chemistry. 285 pgs.
"solventless lamination adhesive-a intropesction"., 99999990184279. srivasstava shailendra kumar. 2002. english. chemistry. 190 pgs.
A Class-Book Of Oraganic Chemistry., 1010010031909. J.B.Cohen. 1920. english. organic chemistry. 349 pgs.
a comprehensive treatise on inorganic and theoretical chemistry., 99999990182884. millor j w. 1947. english. chemistry. 0 pgs.
a comprehensive treatise on inorganic and theortical chemistry., 99999990184168. millor j w. 1947. english. chemistry. 964 pgs.
A Dictionary Of Applied Chemistry., 1010010031910. Sir Edward Thorpe. 1913. english. Chemistry. 378 pgs.
A Dictionary Of Chemical Solubilities Inorganic., 1010010031911. Arthur Messinger Comey. 1921. english. Chemistry. 161 pgs.
A Dictionary of Chemistry (Vol-III )mistry Organic Chemistryof the Metalslsams and Gum Resins., 5010010152606. Hannry Watts. 1873. english. chemistry. 1109 pgs.
A Guide to The Literature of Chemistry., 1990010080978. Crane E.J and Austin M Patterson. 0. english. Chemistry. 454 pgs.
A History Of Chemistry., 1010010027634. F.J. Moore. 1918. english. Chemistry. 353 pgs.
A Studey Of The OPtical Properties Of Potassium Vapour., 1010010027637. A L Narayan. 1925. english. Chemistry. 55 pgs.
A study of solvent and pH Effects on Absorption and Fluorescence Characteristics of Selected Organic Compounds., 5990010100008. Swaminathan. M. 0. english. Department of Chemistry. 244 pgs.
A System Of Chemistry I., 1010010030596. Thomas Thomson. 1810. english. Chemistry. 679 pgs.
A System Of Chemistry II., 1010010030597. Thomas Thomson. 1810. english. Chemistry. 699 pgs.
A System Of Chemistry IV., 1990010030598. Thomas Thomson. 1810. English. Chemistry. 727 pgs.
A System Of Physical Chemistry Vol III Quantum Theory., 99999990013073. William C McC Lewis. 1921. english. Physical Chemistry, Quantum Theory. 221 pgs.
A System Of Physical Chemistry Vol III Quantum Theory., 99999990037894. William C McC Lewis. 1921. english. Physical Chemistry, Quantum Theory. 221 pgs.
A Text Book of Inorganic Chemistry Volume VI Part I., 1990040031047. Prideaux, Edmund . B. R. 1928. English. Chemistry. 279 pgs.
A Textbook Of Organic Chemistry., 99999990012810. Schmidt Julius. 1932. english. Chemistry. 868 pgs.
A Textbook Of Organic Chemistry., 99999990081911. Schmidt Julius. 1932. english. Chemistry. 868 pgs.
A TextBook of practical Physical Chemistry., 1010010031913. Fajans K and Wust J. 1930. english. Chemistry. 245 pgs.
Absorption Of Nitrous Gases., 1010010030587. H.W. Webb. 1923. english. Chemistry. 377 pgs.
Acid Deposition., 1010010028734. National Research Council. . english. Chemistry. 522 pgs.
Aluminium And Its Alloys., 1010010030590. C. Grard. 1921. english. Chemistry. 226 pgs.
American Chemistry., 1010010031918. Harrison Hale. 1921. english. Chemistry. 228 pgs.
American Sewage practice Vol I., 1990010030705. Leonard Metcalf and Harrison P.Eddy. 1914. English. Chemistry. 768 pgs.
American Sewage Practice Vol II., 1990010030706. Leonard Metcalf amp Harrison P.Eddy. 1914. English. Chemistry. 594 pgs.
American Telephone Practice., 1990010030707. Kempster B. Miller. 1905. English. Chemistry. 902 pgs.
An Advanced Laboratory Manual Of Organic Chemistry., 1010010027640. Michael Heidelberger. 1923. english. Organic Chemistry. 103 pgs.
An Introduction To Chemical German., 1010010017905. Eric Viele Greenfield. 1918. english. Chemistry. 388 pgs.
An Introduction To Cytology., 1010010031922. Lester W Sharp. 1926. english. Chemistry. 314 pgs.
An Introduction to the Chemistry of Plant Products., 1990010030610. Paul Haas and T.G.Hill. 1920. English. Chemistry. 224 pgs.
An Introduction To The Physics And Chemistry Of Colloids., 1010010027641. Emil Hatschek. 1922. english. Chemistry. 191 pgs.
Analyse Der Harze Balsame Und Gummiharze., 1010010081128. Dr Karl Dieterich. 1900. german. Chemistry. 308 pgs.
analytical chemistry., 99999990184093. murphy walter j. 1954. english. chemistry. 610 pgs.
anhydrous aluminum chloride in organic chemistry., 99999990184094. thomas charles allen. 1941. english. chemistry. 996 pgs.
Animal Proteins., 1010010030591. Hugh Garner Bennett. 1921. english. Chemistry. 295 pgs.
Application of Dyes Stuffs., 1990010030593. J. Merrit Mathews. 1920. English. Chemistry. 779 pgs.
Application of Dynamics To Physics And Chemistry., 1990010030708. J.J. Thomson. 1888. English. Chemistry. 317 pgs.
Applications Of Analytical Chemistry To Oceanic Carbon Cycle Studies., 1010010017909. National Research Council. 1993. english. Chemistry. 99 pgs.
Aquametry., 1010010031926. John Mitchell, Donald Milton Smith. 1948. english. Chemistry. 458 pgs.
Aromatic and heteroaromatic annulation via alpha oxoketene dithioacetals., 1990010090669. Sukumar nandi. 2002. english. chemistry. 368 pgs.
Art and Priciples of Chemistry., 1010010018088. Henry E Armstrong. 1927. english. Chemistry. 305 pgs.
A_Manual_Of_Dyeing_Volume_I., 1010010027635. Edmund Knecht and Eva Hibbert. 1917. english. Chemistry. 392 pgs.
A_Manual_Of_Dyeing_Volume_I., 1010010027636. Edmund Knecht and Eva Hibbert. 1917. english. Chemistry. 392 pgs.
Basic Slags And Rock Phosphates., 1010010080984. George Scott Robertson. 1922. english. Chemistry. 138 pgs.
Benzol Its Recovery Rectification and Uses., 1010010031929. Whitehead S.E. 1920. english. Chemistry. 242 pgs.
Benzoltabellen., 1010010031930. Dr Carl Schwalbe. 1908. english. Chemistry. 284 pgs.
Bleiraffination durch Elekrolyse., 1010010033881. Viktor Engelhardt. 1910. others. Chemistry. 312 pgs.
capacitors amp conducting polymers., 99999990184361. kumar alok. 2000. english. chemistry. 150 pgs.
Carbid Und Acetylen., 1010010032125. Prof Dr J H Vogal Berlin. 1924. others. Chemistry. 134 pgs.
Carbon Dioxide., 1010010031934. Elton L Quinn And Charles L Jones. 1936. english. Chemistry. 302 pgs.
Carbon Dioxide and Climate., 1010010017918. National Research Council. 1982. english. Chemistry. 98 pgs.
Carbonisation Technology and Engineering., 1010010031935. John Armstrong. 1929. english. Chemistry. 486 pgs.
Carotinoids and Related Pigments., 1990010080987. Leroy S. Palmer Dr. 1922. english. Chemistry. 320 pgs.
Casein And Its Industrial Applications., 1010010031936. Edwin Sutermeister. 1939. english. Chemistry. 438 pgs.
Catalysis in Theory and Practise., 1010010022217. Eric K Rideal and Hugh S Taylor. 1926. english. Chemistry. 306 pgs.
Catalytic and inhibitory effects of micelles on the reaction of stabilized carbonium ions with cyanide ion., 1990010090706. Sri krishna srivastava. 1981. english. chemistry. 153 pgs.
Catalytic Pyrolysis of Naphtha on Potassium Carbonate Doped Calcium Al Catalysts., 5990010121925. P. Sudhakara Rao. 1994. english. Science (Chemistry). 314 pgs.
Catalytic Pyrolysis of Naphtha on Potassium Carbonate Doped Calcium Al Catalysts., 5990010121926. P. Sudhakara Rao. 1994. english. Science (Chemistry). 73 pgs.
Cellulose., 1010010030546. Cross amp Bevan. 1918. english. Chemistry. 378 pgs.
Central Stations., 1990010030432. Terrel croft. 1917. English. Chemistry. 339 pgs.
Cetyltrimethylammonium permanganate., 1990010090712. padma S. vankar. 1986. english. chemistry. 268 pgs.
Chemical Analysis Vol V., 1010010031931. John Mitchell and Donald Milton Smith. 1948. english. Chemistry. 458 pgs.
Chemical Calculations., 1010010022218. Bernard Jafee. 1927. english. Chemistry. 192 pgs.
Chemical Reagents Their Purity and Tests., 1990010030605. E. Merck. 1907. English. Chemistry. 255 pgs.
Chemical Refining of Petroleum., 1010010031938. Vladimir A Kalichevsky and Bert Allen Stagner Dr. 1942. english. Chemistry. 553 pgs.
Chemie der Pflanzenzelle., 1010010033883. Dr Viktor Grafe. 1922. others. Chemistry. 432 pgs.
Chemie In Einzeldarstellungen., 1010010033866. Dr Julius Schmidt. 1912. english. Chemistry. 235 pgs.
Chemische_Technologie_Des_Papiers., 1010010027817. Dr. Th. Weyl. 1921. german. Chemistry. 132 pgs.
Chemistry And Atomic Structure., 1010010017925. J.D. Main Smith. 1924. english. Chemistry. 222 pgs.
Chemistry From The Indusytrial Standpoint., 1010010080988. Thorne P C L. 1919. english. Chemistry. 276 pgs.
Chemistry of dioxomolybdenum bound to tridentate and other ligands., 1990010090719. O.A. Rajan. 1979. english. chemistry. 232 pgs.
chemistry of the carbohydrates., 99999990184114. pigman william ward. 1948. english. chemistry. 768 pgs.
Chemistry of the Rarer Elements., 1990010030611. B. Smith Hopkins. 1923. English. Chemistry. 382 pgs.
Chemistry_Of_Plant_Production_Volume_II., 1010010027650. Paul Haas. 1929. english. Chemistry. 226 pgs.
Chimie Organique., 1990010081130. Charles Moureu. 1919. german. Chemistry. 526 pgs.
Chloride Of Lime In Sanitation., 1990010030613. Albert h. Hooker. 1913. English. Chemistry. 235 pgs.
Coal Gas Residuals., 1010010030615. Frederick H. Wagner. 1918. english. Chemistry. 266 pgs.
Coastal Meteorology., 1010010017929. National Research Council. 1992. english. Chemistry. 113 pgs.
Cobalt mediated free radial reactions under aerobic conditions Development of some new synthetic methods., 1990010090724. Beena bhatia. 1982. english. chemistry. 246 pgs.
Collisional radiative model for non LTE helium plasmas., 1990010090731. Harish Chandra Srivastava. 1982. english. chemistry. 207 pgs.
Colloid Symposium Monograph., 1010010031939. Harry Boyer Weiser. 1928. english. Chemistry. 346 pgs.
Complexation and stacking studies of heteroditopic cryptands and their derivatization to new amphiphilic and fluorophoric systems., 1990010090736. Prasun Bandhopadhyay. 1999. english. Chemistry. 242 pgs.
Complexing behaviours of N- ethoxycarbonylpyrrole-2 thiocarboxamide and N- phenylcarbamoylpyrrole -2 thiocarboxamide., 1990010090737. T. Singh. 1979. english. chemistry. 188 pgs.
Concrete Its Nature and uses., 1990010030621. George L. Sutcliffe. 1905. English. Chemistry. 393 pgs.
Control of Coordination Through 3,5-Subtituents of the Pyrazole Rings in Pyrazolylmethylpyridine Ligands and OXO-Bridged Dimanganese Systems of Relevance to Biology., 5990010100110. Kumar, Tapan, Lal. 0. english. Chemistry. 266 pgs.
Cork Its Origin and Industrial Uses., 1010010033867. Gilbert E Stecher. 1914. english. Chemistry. 107 pgs.
Cotten Cellulose Its Chemistry And Technology., 1010010017935. A. J. Hal. 1924. english. Chemistry. 254 pgs.
Cotton Waste Its Production Manipulation And Uses., 1010010081131. Thomas Thornley. 1912. german. Chemistry. 315 pgs.
Creative Chemistry., 1990010030622. Edwin E. Slosson. 1921. English. Chemistry. 357 pgs.
Critical Studies In The Legal Chemistry Of Foods., 1010010031941. Brooks R O. 1927. english. Chemistry. 282 pgs.
Darstellung von bisulfitenund sulfiten., 1010010022222. Theodor Schmid. 1911. french. Chemistry. 68 pgs.
Das Glyzerin Glyzerinersatzmittel., 1010010017938. Dr C Deite Und J Kellner. 1923. others. Chemistry. 456 pgs.
Decomposition of the Fixed Alkalies., 1010010027659. . . english. Chemistry. 50 pgs.
Dediazoniation and ether cleavage mechanism via electron transfer., 1990010090784. Haribansh kumar singh. 1979. english. chemistry. 236 pgs.
Der Chemische Betrieb in der Pflanze., 1010010032130. Maxmillan Wagner. 1921. others. Chemistry. 68 pgs.
Der Gebrauch Farbenindicatoren., 1010010017939. Dr I. M. kolthoff. 1923. others. Chemistry. 236 pgs.
Der Schwefelkohlenstoff Seine Eigenschaften Herstellung und Verwendung., 1010010081132. Dr Oscar Kausch. 1929. german. Chemistry. 272 pgs.
Der Stammbaum Der Inflecten., 1010010032091. Wilhelm Boilsche. 1916. german. Chemistry. 96 pgs.
development of synthetic thickener for pigment printing as a substitute of kerosene oil., 99999990184125. agarwal yogesh kumar. 2001. english. chemistry. 198 pgs.
development and evaluation of insect repellant pvc based formulations., 99999990184123. sarin jitendra. 2003. english. chemistry. 160 pgs.
development of binder cum thickener for the pigment printing using emulsion., 99999990184124. dixit mukesh. 2001. english. chemistry. 160 pgs.
development of process engineered fuel from polymer waste., 99999990184364. sharma vinod kumar. 1930. english. chemistry. 90 pgs.
Dhatuvigyan., 5990010114300. Dayaswaroop. 1952. hindi. Chemistry. 320 pgs.
Die Atomionen Chemischer Elemente Und Hire Kanalstrahlen Spektra., 99999990082460. Stark J. 1913. others. Chemistry Atomic Spectra. 45 pgs.
Die Direkte Einfuhrung Von Substituenten in den benzolkern., 1010010081133. Dr AF Holleman. 1910. german. Chemistry. 521 pgs.
Die fabrikation der Alkaloide., 1010010032092. Dr Julius Schwyzer. 1927. german. Chemistry. 130 pgs.
Die Methoden der exacten quantitativen bestimmung der alkaloide., 1010010081140. Prof Dr Anton Ritter. 1913. german. Chemistry. 88 pgs.
Die Pflanzenalkaloide., 1010010032094. Dr Ame Pictet And Dr Richard Wolffenstein. 1900. german. Chemistry. 452 pgs.
Die Schaumabscheider als Konstruktionsteile chemischer Apparate., 1010010032096. Hugo Schroder. 1918. german. Chemistry. 160 pgs.
Die Wasserstoffionen Konzentration., 1010010017945. Dr. Leonor Michaelis. 1922. german. Chemistry. 277 pgs.
Die_Chemie_De_Naturlichen_farbtoffe., 1010010027827. Dr. Sans Rupe. 1909. others. Chemistry. 249 pgs.
Die_Chemie_De_Naturlichen_farbtoffe., 1990010081159. Dr. Sans Rupe. 1909. others. Chemistry. 249 pgs.
Dissociation of nitrogen in glow plasmas mass spectrometric studies., 1990010090861. Santosh kumar C. 1991. english. chemistry. 127 pgs.
Dust Explosions., 1990010030716. David J. Price and Harold H. Brown. 1922. English. Chemistry. 259 pgs.
Dynamics of the endothermic reaction., 1990010090878. Tomi Joseph. 1983. english. chemistry. 136 pgs.
Edible Fats And Oils., 1010010081001. W H Simmons. 1911. english. Chemistry. 161 pgs.
Electro Chemistry for Organic Compounds., 1990010030629. Walter Lob. 1906. English. Chemistry. 321 pgs.
Electro Chemistry Part I., 1010010081003. Lehfeldt R.A. 1904. english. Chemistry. 278 pgs.
Electrochemistry Of Organic Compounds., 1010010027661. Dr.Walther Lob. 1906. english. Organic Chemistry. 318 pgs.
Electrostatics of protiens cytochrome p450 and complexes., 1990010090904. Sibsankar Kundu. 1998. english. chemistry. 242 pgs.
EPR investigations of free radial species trapped in cancrinite and other host matrices., 1990010090918. Sandip kumar sur. 1982. english. chemistry. 344 pgs.
Equilbria_In_Saturated_Salts., 1010010027662. Walter Charles Blasadale. 1927. english. Chemistry. 198 pgs.
Ergebnisse Der Agrikulturchemie., 1010010022236. Dr F Alten. 1935. german. Chemistry. 164 pgs.
Euripides With An English Translation II., 1010010081007. Arthur S Way. 1923. english. Chemistry. 609 pgs.
Fabrication des Alcools., 1010010032101. Gaston Canu and Edonard Robinet. 1927. german. Chemistry. 159 pgs.
Factory Chemistry., 1010010027664. F. H. Newman. 1921. english. Chemistry. 66 pgs.
Famous Chemists The Men And Their Work., 1010010031960. Sir Willian a.Tilden. 1921. english. Chemistry. 334 pgs.
Festigkeitslehre., 1010010032103. M M Filonenko. 1960. german. Chemistry. 464 pgs.
Festigkeitslehre Und Elastizitatslehre., 1010010032104. Georg Dreyer. 1962. german. Chemistry. 441 pgs.
Field Methods In Petroleum Geology., 1990010030556. G.H. Cox and C.L. Dake and G.A. Muilenburg. 1921. English. Chemistry. 327 pgs.
Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen., 1010010031963. Frank A Ernst. 1928. english. Chemistry. 160 pgs.
Flameproofing Textile Fabrics., 1010010031964. Robert W Little. 1947. english. Chemistry. 436 pgs.
Fluidity And Plasticity., 1010010030633. Eugene C. Bingham. 1922. english. Chemistry. 448 pgs.
Forest products and Their Manufacture and Use., 1990010030480. Nelson Courtlandt Brown. 1919. English. Chemistry. 489 pgs.
Gazogenes ET Moteurs A Gaz Pauvre A La Portree De Tous., 1010010081163. Rene Champly. 1922. others. Chemistry. 234 pgs.
Gesamtbericht zweite weltkraftkonferenz Transactions IV., 1010010031972. Editorial Board. 1923. english. Chemistry. 612 pgs.
Gesamtbericht zweite weltkraftkonferenz Transactions XIII., 1010010031971. Editorial Board. 1923. english. Chemistry. 406 pgs.
Graft Copolymerization Of Vinyl Monomers On Natural Polymers., 5010010155021. Peeyoosh Kant Pandey. 0. english. Chemistry. 188 pgs.
Great Soldiers of The Second World War., 6010010077989. Weerd H. A. De Major. 1946. english. Chemistry And Allied Sciences. 310 pgs.
Grundlegende Operationen der Farbenchemie., 1010010032136. Dr Hans Eduard Fierz. 1920. others. Chemistry. 282 pgs.
Handbook of Chemical Engineering., 1010010031974. Donald M. Liddell. 1922. english. Chemistry. 528 pgs.
Handbook of Chemistry Vol-VII., 1990040031137. Gmelin, Leopold. 1846. English. Chemistry. 576 pgs.
Handbuch Der Organischen Arsenverbindungen., 1010010027854. Dr. A. Bertheim. . german. Chemistry. 251 pgs.
Handbuch der Wissenschaftlichen und Angewandten Photographie., 1010010027858. Hay, Alfred. 1929. German. Chemistry. 164 pgs.
Handworrterbuch Der Technischen Waren., 1010010032137. Dr Paul Krais. 1921. others. Chemistry. 436 pgs.
HeH2 dynamics A classical mechanical study., 1990010091016. Sanjay kumar. 1992. english. chemistry. 137 pgs.
HeH2+ dynamics A time dependent quantum mechanical study., 1990010091015. N. Balakrishnan. 1992. english. chemistry. 145 pgs.
Herrn Geheimen Regierungsrat Prof dr Hulsse., 1010010032106. Prof Gustav Willkomm. 1910. german. Chemistry. 555 pgs.
Hydrogen Ion Concentration Vol I., 1010010018000. Leonor Michaelis. 1926. english. Chemistry. 311 pgs.
Identification of Unknown Groundwater Pollution Sources amp Simulaneous Paramerer Estimation Using Linked Optimization -Simulation Approach., 5990010122112. Dibakar chakrabarty. 2001. english. Science (Chemistry). 221 pgs.
In Situ Bioremediation When Does It work., 1010010018001. National Research Council. 1993. english. Biochemistry. 231 pgs.
India Rubber And Its AMnufacture., 1010010030643. Hubert L. Terry. 1907. english. Chemistry. 295 pgs.
Industrial Catalysis., 1010010033856. Stanley J Green. 1928. english. Chemistry. 517 pgs.
Industrial Organic Chemistry., 1010010081025. Samual P Sadtler. 1912. english. Chemistry. 604 pgs.
Industrial Uses of Water., 1990010030442. H. De la Coux. 1903. English. Chemistry. 360 pgs.
inorganic and theorticl chemistry., 99999990184192. millor j w. 1947. english. chemistry. 1123 pgs.
Inorganic Chemistry 2nd Edition., 99999990013543. J Holmyard. 1949. english. Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry. 583 pgs.
Inorganic Evolution As Studied By Spectrum Analysis., 99999990013544. Lockyer Norman. 1900. english. Star Evolution Cosmochemistry. 210 pgs.
James Woodhouse., 1990050006421. Edgar F.Smith. 1918. english. CHEMISTRY. 306 pgs.
japca., 99999990184202. englund harold m. 1986. english. chemistry. 696 pgs.
Karbnik rasayan., 5990010116272. . . hindi. Organic chemistry. 193 pgs.
Katalytische Reactionen In Der Organisch Chemischen Industrie., 1010010032108. Dr Ing Horst Bruckner. 1930. german. Chemistry. 182 pgs.
Kenntnis der Kohle., 1010010027853. Fischer, Franz. 1922. German. Chemistry. 252 pgs.
Keramisches Praktikum., 1010010081030. Dr Phil August Berge. 1914. english. Chemistry. 99 pgs.
Kinder Und Hausmarchen zwitter Band., 1010010081031. Dr Phil August Berge. 1914. english. Chemistry. 399 pgs.
Kolloid- Chemie., 5010010152779. Finkelstin. 1922. english. chemistry. 273 pgs.
Kritische studien uber die vorgange der autoxydation., 1010010027793. C. Engler , J. Weissberg. 1904. others. Chemistry. 218 pgs.
Kurjes lehrbuch Der Organishen Chemie., 1010010032109. Prof Dr A Bernthsen. 1943. german. Chemistry. 659 pgs.
Laboratoriumsbuch For Die Glasindustrie., 1010010081032. Dr Ing Ludwig Springer. 1919. english. Chemistry. 151 pgs.
Laboratory Manual Of Bitumisnous Materials., 1010010031987. Prevost Hubbard. 1916. english. Chemistry. 200 pgs.
Laboratory Manual Of Elementary Colloid Chemistry., 1010010018008. Emil Hatschek. 1920. english. Chemistry. 134 pgs.
Laluminium., 1010010081127. M Adolphe Minet. 1912. french. Chemistry. 319 pgs.
Leather Hides Skin Tanning Material., 1010010018011. E C Snow. 1924. english. Chemistry. 410 pgs.
Leather Industries Laboratory Handbook., 1990010030649. H.R. Procter. 1908. English. Chemistry. 481 pgs.
Lecithin And Allied Substances The Lipins., 1010010081034. Hugh Maclean. 1927. english. Chemistry. 229 pgs.
Lectures on the History of Development of Chemistry Since the time of Lavioisier., 1990010030650. Dr.A.Ladenburg. 1905. English. Chemistry. 387 pgs.
Lectures On Theorerical And Physical Chemistry Part I., 1990040026977. DR. J.H. Van T Hoff. 1898. english. Chemistry. 262 pgs.
Les Phenomenes Thermioniques., 1010010081033. Eugene Bloch. 1923. english. Chemistry. 163 pgs.
Les Phenomenes Thermioniques., 1010010081036. Eugene Bloch. 1923. english. Chemistry. 111 pgs.
Les Statistiques Quantiques., 1010010081037. Leon Brillouin. 1930. english. Chemistry. 188 pgs.
Lexikon Der Kohlenstoff Verbindungen Supplement III., 1010010032115. MM Richter. 1905. german. Chemistry. 588 pgs.
Line Charts For Engineers., 1010010081038. W N Rose. 1923. english. Chemistry. 105 pgs.
Low Temperature Carbonisation., 1010010018024. C. H.Lander And R. F. Mckay. 1924. english. Chemistry. 250 pgs.
Mass transfer Studies for the Sugar solution Concentration through reverse osmosis., 5990010122198. M. V. Jagannadha Sarma. 1994. english. Science (Chemistry). 70 pgs.
Mechanochemistry And Colloid Mill., 1010010018029. Pierce M. Travis. 1928. english. Chemistry. 190 pgs.
Metallic Alloys., 1010010022242. Gulliver G H. 1919. english. Chemistry. 33 pgs.
Metallography., 5010010152831. H Desch. 1918. english. chemistry. 465 pgs.
Mineral Metabolism., 1010010031999. Alfred T Shohl. 1939. english. Chemistry. 403 pgs.
Mining And Manufacture of Fertilizing Materials amp Their Relation to Soils., 1990010030631. Strauss L. Lloyd. 1918. English. Chemistry. 157 pgs.
Mitsuru Kuharas On The Beckmann Rearrangement., 1010010081047. Shigeru Komatsu. 1926. english. Chemistry. 95 pgs.
Modeling amp Control of Co Concentration in the Exhaust of an Oil Fired Furnace Using Online IR Analyser., 5990010122220. Manda Jayakrishna. 1994. english. Science (Chemistry). 69 pgs.
modelling HI and HeI line intensities from the BLR of AGN., 1990010091134. Hajra jamal. 1992. english. chemistry. 251 pgs.
Modelling of Electrodialysis Process for Impurity Removal (Ca2+ampMg2+)from Sugar Cane Juice After Liming., 5990010124760. Arunabha sahu. 1994. english. Science (Chemistry). 112 pgs.
Modern Chemistry., 1010010018036. . . english. Chemistry. 212 pgs.
Modern Dyeing Methods The Application Of The Coal tar DyeStuffs., 1010010030618. C.M. Whittaker. 1919. english. Chemistry. 222 pgs.
Modern Gasworks Chemistry., 1010010018039. Geoffery Weyman. 1922. english. Chemistry. 196 pgs.
Modern Methods Of Refining Lubricating oils., 1010010032001. Vladimir A Kalichevsky. 1938. english. Chemistry. 242 pgs.
Modern Methods Of Water Purification., 1010010030755. John Don amp John Chisholm. 1913. english. Chemistry. 408 pgs.
Molebdenium Ores., 99999990018042. R.H Rastall. 1920. english. Chemistry. 94 pgs.
Molecular Association., 1010010030656. W.E.S. Turner. 1915. english. Chemistry. 173 pgs.
Motor Fuels., 1990010030759. Eugene Leslie. 1923. English. Chemistry. 657 pgs.
Nonlinear Stability of thin Films on Solid Surfaces., 5990010120672. Ahmad Tariq Jameel. 1994. english. Science (Chemistry). 351 pgs.
Note On Chemical Research., 1010010027682. W.P.Dreaper,. 1920. english. Chemistry. 209 pgs.
Note On Chemical Research., 1010010027683. W.P.Dreaper,. 1920. english. Chemistry. 209 pgs.
Novel manifestation in the structural magnetic transport and magnetotransport properties of ru substituted rare earth manganites., 1990010091179. Ranjan Kumar Sahu. 2001. english. chemistry. 145 pgs.
nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy pulse and double resonance instrumentation and studies on spin 3by2 nuclei., 1990010091183. R. ramachandran. 1982. english. chemistry. 211 pgs.
Organic Arsenical Compounds., 1010010081053. George W Raiziss. 1923. english. Organic Chemistry. 570 pgs.
organic chlorine compounds., 99999990184240. huntress ernest hamlin. 1948. english. chemistry. 1472 pgs.
Organic Medicaments And Their Preparation., 1010010032003. Ernest Fourneau. 1925. english. Chemistry. 290 pgs.
Outlines Of Biochemistry., 99999990169840. Gortner Aiken Ross. 1949. English. Biochemistry. 1110 pgs.
Oxidations Reductions Potentiale., 1010010032117. Dr Leonor Michaelis. 1929. german. Chemistry. 192 pgs.
Oxidations Reductions Potentiale., 1010010032118. Dr Leonor Michaelis. 1929. german. Chemistry. 192 pgs.
Ozone., 1990010030491. E.K. Rideal. 1920. English. Chemistry. 204 pgs.
PHOSPHORSAUREERNAHRUNG DER PFLANZE., 1010010022248. M Von Wrangell. 1911. french. Chemistry. 84 pgs.
Photochemistry., 99999990013597. D W G Style. 1930. english. Chemistry, Photochemistry. 104 pgs.
Photometric Chemical Analysis., 1010010032007. John H Yoe Dr and Hans Kleimann Dr. 1929. english. Chemistry. 355 pgs.
Photosynthesis., 1010010027687. Walter Stiles. 1925. english. Chemistry. 273 pgs.
Plant Products and Chemical Fertilizers., 1990010030665. S. Hoare Collins. 1919. English. Chemistry. 248 pgs.
Portland Cement Its Manufacture, Testing And Use., 1010010030667. D.B. Butler. 1913. english. Chemistry. 479 pgs.
Potentiometric Titrations Theoritical And Practical Treatise., 1010010032012. Dr I M Kolthoff. 1926. english. Chemistry. 350 pgs.
Practical Chemistry By Micro methods., 1040010080419. Egerton charles Grey. 1925. english. Chemistry. 139 pgs.
Practical Chemistry By Micro methods., 1990010080748. Egerton charles Grey. 1925. english. Chemistry. 139 pgs.
Practical Organic Chemistry., 1010010030669. Julius B. Cohen. 1910. english. Chemistry. 368 pgs.
Practical Organic Chemistry,Ed.2., 4990010195743. Sudborough, J. J.. 1909. english. CHEMISTRY. 484 pgs.
Practical Plant Biochemistry., 1010010027618. Muriel Wheldale Onslow. 1920. english. Biochemistry. 188 pgs.
Practical Plant Biochemistry., 1990010030671. Muriel Wheldale Onslow. 1920. English. Chemistry. 181 pgs.
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